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ELA's Learning Philosophy

ELA Management set ambitious expectations and implement and embed a philosophy that promoted our core belief that the purpose of education is…

• To open our learners’ minds beyond their comfort zones and to stretch and challenge their current thinking
• To enable our learners to achieve all their life goals by providing them with new knowledge and skills that broaden their opportunities to be successful in all that they will choose to do

Our diverse community of Learners….

• Will be celebrated as individuals, while addressing their collective needs
• Can be new to education, changing career, or going back to learning to better themselves

Learners can learn best when….

• They have a visual pathway to their desired learning outcomes
• They feel safe, are supported by workplace mentors and engaging tutors
• They are provided with the right information and given flexible learning opportunities.
• Their mental health, well-being and personal development enables them to make positive contributions to British society.

Our curricula can drive impactful, lifelong learning….

• By embedding first-hand experiences and practical workplace application
• By encouraging learners to contribute to their peers’ development as well as their own

Our delivery teams are….

• Highly knowledgeable about their sectors and dedicated to their profession
• Passionate about delivering pastoral care, helping learners overcome any barriers to learning

Our customers can be confident in our….

• Striving to delivering additional value, meeting their individual and organisational goals
• Professional approach and shared commitment to our values across our organisation.

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